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WExplorer (Freeware)

WExplorer is a small, alternative Windows Explorer (also for Windows PE).

Status Feature
Copy, rename or delete files and folders
Drag files or folders from ListView and Drop them to TreeView
Create "New Folder" or "New File.txt" in current directory
"Send to" Menu (from personal "Send to")
Read directory size (independent worker thread)
and click in pie chart to drill down ...
Preview for image files (CTRL + I)
Search files (do not use wildcards)
Search files with content (e.g. .ini {test} will find all *.ini files in current path with the phrase test)
Show and set file attributes via toolbar checkboxes (A, H, R, S)
Set .jpg, .png as Background Image (Wallpaper)
Fast Image List for Network drives in ListView (View/Settings)
Start with Start Path and an option to read directory size (View/Settings)
Use Micro Edit for .log, .txt Files with Size smaller than 1 MB
Configure WExplorer via View/Settings:

WExplorer Version (x64)


"c0"=dword:000000c8             // Size column 0
"c1"=dword:00000064             // Size column 1
"c2"=dword:00000078             // Size column 2
"c3"=dword:00000064             // Size column 3
"c4"=dword:00000064             // Size column 4
"ct"=dword:00eeeeee             // TreeView background color (0xbbggrr)
"cv"=dword:00eeeeee             // ListView background color (0xbbggrr)
"en"="Courier New"              // Micro Edit fontname
"es"="15"                       // Micro Edit fontsize
"ex"=".log,.txt"                // Micro Edit extensions to use
"fi"="I:"                       // Fast ImageList drive
"fn"="Tahoma"                   // General fontname
"fs"="16"                       // General fontsize
"sc"=dword:00000001             // Scan Start Path
"sp"="%TEMP%"                   // Start Path Example
"st"=dword:00000001             // Show Pie Chart Tip
"su"=dword:00000001             // Size Unit 0=B, 1=KB, 2=MB, 3=GB
"ts"=dword:000000dc             // Size TreeView
"xo"=dword:00000140             // Position x
"yo"=dword:000000b4             // Position y
"xs"=dword:00000500             // Size x
"ys"=dword:000002d0             // Size y