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AD-Browser (Freeware)

AD-Browser is a simple tool to browse © Microsoft Active Directory via the IDirectorySearch COM Interface with a pragmatic approach to the hierachical AD concept. AD-Browser provides a ListView of similar objects like computers, groups or users ...


  • choose search dept
  • search objects under selected OU (all attributes or filter)
  • compare ADsPath without LDAP object prefix
  • view attributes and linked GPO's of selected OU
  • sort ListView by each attribute
  • use the History Button (visted objects in TreeView)


  • Group Members (sort by cn or displayName)
  • Computers in current OU (not locked)
  • Locked Computers in current OU
  • Users in current OU (not locked)
  • Locked Users in current OU
  • Containers, Configuration and Schema

  • This options are also available in the context menu.


  • view object properties with a double mouse click in ListView
  • view GPO settings with a double mouse click in ListView
    • Registry entries (machine, user)
    • Preferences (machine, user)
    • Scripts (startup, logon, logoff, shutdown)
    • Security settings (machine gpttmpl.inf)
    • Folder redirection (user fdeploy.ini)
    • MSI Files to be deployed via GPO


  • export TreeView in a *.txt file
  • export ListView in a *.htm file
  • export ListView in a *.txt file
  • export PropertyView in a *.htm file
  • export All GPOs in a folder (*.htm files) to compare GPOs with an other domain.
  • delete column with right mouse click to customize ListView

See also: How to use AD-Browser


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