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ZTSvc is a Lightweight Windows Service for Software Deployment and other automatic Client Tasks.

Status Feature
Assigned Software Deployment
(administrator assigns Software Packages to devices in the network)
Available Software Deployment
(choose from a list of available Software Packages if Device is unlocked)
Fast Software Deployment
- Assigned Deployment immediately after reboot
- Available Deployment ~ 1 min after change
Software Deployment from network share
(all Software Packages reside on a SMB share, no need of local cache)
Define Install Order
(Define the Install Order for Packages e.g. Plugins after Main Package ...)
Centralized Inventory
(Every Device copies Inventory Files to the ZTS Share. Import to SQL Database possible.)
Task Controller
(Create new Tasks in User Context or System Context)
Simple Installation
(MSI package to install ztsvc.exe, ztsvc.dll and ztwin.exe)

ZTSvc Version for Windows (W10, W11) included in ztsvc.msi.
You may use Install.cmd to specify public properties for the MSI installation:

Documentation: ztsv.pdf