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SCCM Reporter (Freeware)

  1. SCCM Reporter is a Reporting Tool for SCCM SQL Databases.
    It resolves the hierarchical structure of Collections and included Collections
    stored in a relational SCCM SQL Database.
    It includes Queries for Applications and Deploymenttypes where Properties are stored in XML Format.
  2. Before you start choose a Connect String to the SCCM SQL Database:
    You have 3 Options:
    • ADO:; Database=CMDB; Integrated Security=true
    • OLE: Provider=sqloledb;; Database=CMDB; Integrated Security=SSPI
    • ODBC: Use in Toolbar to define an ODBC User DSN:
      - Enter a name for the DSN, a description and the name of your SQL Server.
      - Use Windows Authentication and set the Standard DB to SCCM Content DB.
      - Specify the Connect String: DSN= in the SQL Reporter Settings.
      An ODBC USER DSN with SQL Driver can also be importet in the Registry:
      // Your SCCM Server USE THIS USER DSN in SCCM Reporter
      "Description"="" // Your SCCM Server
      "Database"="CMDB" // Your SCCM SQL DATABASE

SCCM Reporter All Collections

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SCCM Reporter Version (C#, .NET 4)
sccmrepo.exe Any CPU
sccmrepo.chm Help File